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Want to know how Sir Veza’s was started and just who the crew is that put this thing together? Ok, here is the skinny on how it went down. Take a guy who was born in California, but grew up in America’s oldest family-owned Mexican restaurant in Arizona, add in recipes from his mom who is a celebrated chef-author, then throw in a passion for American muscle cars & motorcycles learned from his gear-head Dad and you get a place built to do Mexican & American street food better than anything you’ve ever seen.


We wanted something cooler than any “baja” themed Mexican concept or typical brew house (I mean who hasn’t seen that already?). We figured that putting the best of local and world craft beers together with what everyone really wants to eat (real food) that we would be doing something great, something we now say is our motto, our fighting words, our mission; WE FIX HUNGRY!

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Founder: Raymon Flores, a 20+ year industry veteran with a degree that doesn’t matter, who once wrote a book on tequila and likes to drive too fast.

Chef: Carlotta Flores, mom to Raymon, but more importantly a culinary legend who has kept her family’s El Charro Cafe running as one of America’s Top 50 dining icons* entering its 90th year! *Nation’s Restaurant News

The others: Too many to list, but include impresario car painter Johnny “Vegas” Sewell of Hi-Speed Rods & Customs, The Killer Culinary Team, Conrad “The Rod” Rodriguez who consistently gets it up, and a lot of really great crew members and hungry fans who keep coming back for more!

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